Tap Tap Dash Online GamePlay:

Tap Tap Dash Online is an insanely addicting puzzle game that keeps you playing for hours and return every day. Why? Because it’s fun, entertaining and challenging, especially it’s easy to learn but hard to master. Here at play free friv Games, the goal that you try to reach sounds simple but hard to make. All you have to do is to help your character avoid falling off the path as you tap to jump or change the direction.

Quick reaction is what you need to have to beat this game. Your character moves automatically. However, whenever there is any obstacles to stop their way, you must help them jump over or take other actions to keep their life safe. Despite it's easy to learn, there are many reasons make this game hard to master and timing is one of them. Timing is the key to win.

The path is divided into shorter ones. You have to jump over the gaps, change the direction at the right time and be ready to deal with all upcoming challenges on http://friv.land. Along the way, you also collect coins to unlock new characters. They are all cute and adorable but don’t have any special skills to help you in this game.

However, owning a complete collection of all characters brings you a satisfying feeling. So, try to collect them all during the game. Learn from the mistakes and practice makes perfect. Follow this tip and you will get the best result. Enjoy other choices of games as fun as this one such as Pipe Mania and Flow Free Online.

Instructions: Tap or click to control your character.

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