Tetris GamePlay:

Tetris is one of the classic games that everyone knows and loves to play during the freetime. More and more versions of this famous game have been created to make it more interesting. Now, you can try out a cool new version of this tile-matching game online for free! All you have to do is to come to play the Tetris version at Friv land games!

There will be a whole new retro games experience and many new designs which are available for you in this game. The rules remain unchanged and it's the same as the classic version. Your task is to manipulate and move the colorful blocks of different geometric shapes in order to create the lines without gaps. These blocks will fall down slowly from the top of the game screen. When a block hits another block or hits the bottom of the game screen, it will stay there.

Once there is a line, it will disappear. If any tile reaches the top of the field, the game is over. You can check out the next piece and your own score on the top of the board. You should keep track of the next piece to come up with a smart strategy. It might take a little work to remove all the lines, but the fun is totally worth it. For more puzzle games like this, you can try out some more games like Two Dots and Knife Hit 2 at http://friv.land


Use the left and right arrows to move a block, Up arrow to rotate it and down arrow to accelerate a falling block.

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