Magic Pom GamePlay:

Who doesn’t like such a fun-to-play and great game like Magic Pom? Yes, you’re sure to find tons of amazing games at Friv Land but this game should be one of them. It’s a unique match-3 puzzle game that doesn’t look the same as other games you’ve played. Here, you have to connect more than 3 or more similar poms to eliminate them from the gameboard and earn coins. You have 1 minute to in each level and the mission varies.

You have to earn a certain number of points, remove a certain number of poms or make a specific number of combos, and so on. No matter you do it, each mission has to be done within 60 seconds. Otherwise, play that level until you succeed. Those poms are not placed in order but random style. So, sometimes, you can’t find any groups of 3 poms. At the time, you click on the fan icon at the bottom left of the screen to shuffle. You can use the fan as many times as you want.

On https://friv.land/, if you connect 5 similar poms, you get a magic bubble. It plays as a bomb. When you activate it, it blows up and removes some poms around it. At the bottom of the gameboard, you can see a bar. It’s a magic bar. You fill it up by eliminating poms and once it’s full, you earn extra points when connecting poms.

Of course, like in other games, you will be disturbed by some obstacles but don’t worry, you can pass them. Don’t forget to go shopping. The shop offers many cool pom packs and new abilities to buy. Have fun and let’s have a look at other games such as Shaun The Sheep Alien Athletics and Slingshot Jetpack.

Instructions: Left mouse to connect the sam poms.

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