Knife Hit 2 GamePlay:

It's all about perfect timing, patience, and great aiming ability in Knife Hit 2 - a new target shooting game from Friv online games. If you have tried out the first version, you would probably enjoy this sequel thanks to many new challenges and cool updates. If you haven't played the original, you can still try out this one. This game will guarantee the best playtime without having to worry about saving the progress.

The gameplay of this game is the same as that of the original game. Each player has a certain number of knives for each level. Your first target is a constantly spinning wheel with a guy tied on it. You need to throw all the knives so that they don't hit the man. For the next levels, it gets more intense as the speed and the number of knives will increase. You need to keep throwing all blades to stab them into the spinning target but remember to avoid hitting your previous knives. If two knives collide, the game is over and you have to start again.

By gaining some combos, you will be able to collect gems to unlock new blades and step up the game. Players need to stay focus, be patience and aim precisely since one mistake will end the game. It's one of the most addicting games and you won't be able to stop playing it! Have some fun with more games like this at http://friv.land. There are lots of options for you such as Kunai Throw and Parking Passion


click on the screen to shoot the knives.

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