Tower Defense Super Heroes GamePlay:

Caution! Enemies are approaching. Embattled and defeat them now before it’s too late. Yes, it’s your mission in a cool tower defense game called Tower Defense Super Heroes at Friv Land. In each level, you have to stop and defeat a certain number of enemy waves. They will follow some paths to invade your city. To stop them, you have to place different heroes in suitable places along those paths. You have the fire hero, toxic hero, gunner, lightning hero, and ice hero.

Each of them has a special skill and has a different price. The game gives you some money to buy some heroes at the beginning of the match. It’s enough for you to set a small army. During the battle, you can call more heroes using the money that you get from killing enemies. Some monsters counter some of your heroes. It means they get no damage when some heroes shoot at them. So it’s better to have a team of all heroes from different classes.

On https://friv.land/, as you level up, the battle becomes more challenging as more enemies will appear and they are much stronger. Don’t worry. You have a lot of HP and powerful heroes from 5 awesome classes. Yes, unlike other games that you have only 1-3 lives. Here, you have a different amount of HP of each level. One enemy who enters the gate costs 1 HP. This means you lose 1 HP with any enemy who steps into the gate.

It’s hard to finish your mission. Then you should plan a wise strategy and put your heroes in a suitable position to optimize their skills. Have fun and make sure you enjoy other games such as Bomb’Em and Zombie Idle Defense Online.

How to play:

Right-click to enter the hero menu and left-click to choose a hero.

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