Zombie Idle Defense Online GamePlay:

Zombie Idle Defense Online is a fun tower defense game where you have to protect your base from the attack of zombies. In the post-apocalyptic world at Friv Land, most of the world’s population has been turned into deadly zombies. They are hunting humans for brains. You and a group of survivors have to defeat the endless waves of zombies to defend yourself. In the beginning, your team has only one member who is Punker.

As you advance, you can use the money that you collect from killing zombies to unlock other hunters such as Braid, Red Head, Reaper, and more. Each of them has its own abilities. Besides, you can upgrade your soldiers to increase their stats. To earn more money, you can repeat some first levels because these levels are easy to play. Then, use the money to expand your team. On https://friv.land/, besides upgrading your soldiers and buy the new ones, you also have some special items bought with money that help you destroy different kinds of zombies.

For example, put a barricade to block zombies or an explosive barrel that explodes when attacked by zombies, inject supplement to enhance soldier’s damage power, health kit restores your life. Also, you can call air support to drop bombs upon enemies. Yes, zombies vary in the way of attack and each kind of zombie has different skills. Some of them are armed with weapons and they can damage your base from afar. Once your base is destroyed, you lose and you have to start that battle once again.

With the exciting gameplay and terrifying atmosphere, the game is worth playing and so do other choices of games such as Knock Rush and No One Escape.


Click or tap on zombies to kill them.

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