Truck Loader Online Master GamePlay:

Truck Loader Online Master is a fun simulation game about cargo block loading with 21 challenging levels. At friv school Games to play, your mission is to load the cargo boxes into the right positions in the truck as you work at a transportation company. These positions are highlighted to show you the places that the cargo boxes belong to. You control a small truck with a huge magnet used to attract the cargos.

Each time, you attract only one box and the box is attracted by the magnet, you have to quickly load it into the truck, then come back to get other boxes. You have to load all the boxes into the truck with a limited amount of time. Otherwise, you have to play the current level once again. The challenge here is that it’s hard to control your mini truck and use the magnet to attact the boxes. Try and you will know how challenging it is.

On https://friv.land/, you should play slowly but steadily even though you just have over 1 minute to finish each level. It’s a true hard-core game that not everyone can play. The magnet is not under your control. Besides, it’s just about loading the cargo boxes into the truck but it’s about loading those boxes into the truck in the right positions which are marked with yellow.

By doing this, the mission is completed and the next level will be unlocked. There are no helpers here, so you have to rely on your own ingenuity. Easy to play but hard to master, let’s see how can you finish all 21 levels. If you can make it, test yourself in the new challenges in Crash Of Cars and Miami Traffic Racer.


Click on the on-screen buttons to play.

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