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Baking or cooking games are always fun and you can find a lot of amazing choices at Friv Land but if you love unicorns and mermaid, you must play Unicorn Chef Design Cake. Look at its name and you can tell it’s about the unicorn. Here, you will learn 4 different cake recipes including Mermaid fault line cake, Mermaid cake, Mermaid cupcakes, Mermaid tail cake and you will bake 4 cakes one by one. Which cake do you want to start with? Click on any recipe and start.

Roll your sleeves and wear an apron, all ingredients are ready for you. You don’t have to do any challenges to get ingredients. This game is a perfect choice for all players, even small kids. They don’t have to read any words to bake a cake. Instruction is clear. Kids just need to follow the on-screen instruction to go through each step and have their cake ready. On Unicorn Slime Cooking 1, from the mixing ingredient stage to the decorating stage, each one is fun to explore. From ingredients to tools, everything is detailed, it all creates an authentic and vivid baking experience.

This game won’t make you bored easily because you can play several times and have different styles of cake. It bases on your decorating style. You can decorate your cake with different toppings such as fruits, creams, candies, sprinkles, and more. You are free to decorate your cake in the final stage. Of course, some of the first stages are the same but decorating is different each time you play. After your cake is cooked and decorated, you can even enjoy it.

Check it out and find out the cake that you love. And you can bake a cake that looks like the one in this game in real life. Enjoy and make sure you play other choices of games such as Peppa Pig Birthday Cake CookingRainbow Cake Cooking and Happy Birthday Cake Décor.


Mouse to bake.

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