Unicorn Slime Cooking 1 GamePlay:

From simple ingredients and detailed instructions, you can make DIY slime at home. Let Unicorn Slime Cooking 1 gives you detailed instructions with all easy steps that even kids can follow and play without their parent around.

Here at friv land , you will have 3 recipes to make 3 different kinds of unicorn slime. This is easy to do. With these steps, colorful graphics and fun gameplay, this kid game can be a game for everyone to enjoy, even for adults. Kids can play this game without having any troubles because there is no text here. Just look at the arrows and do what you need to do. Every needed ingredients and equipment have been prepared.

Some of them are coconut oil, corn starch, baking soda, bow, hand mixer and more. They are available for you to use and make your slime. Follow the instructions, you mix all ingredients and add some decoration items to make them look more stunning, sparkling and attractive. As the game’s name, you will make unicorn slime.

On friv cooking games, you even can search for and explore so many games from different categories. There is a wide range of games for kids and adults and both of them. Like this game, all gamers and play and enjoy without fee or any annoying stuff. Enjoy every moment here and create 3 types of slime like you want. They look stunning with sparkles and décor items with a colorful unicorn theme. If you want to explore more games besides this amazing one, you can get many choices here. Some of the best ones for you are Unicorn Chef Design Cake and Smoothie Maker.


Use your mouse to make slime.

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