Stickman Fight GamePlay:

Stickman Fight is an addictive action-packed fighting game that promises to bring you joy and unforgettable moments. Here at stickman games, you will deal with endless waves of ninja enemies. Hordes of stickmen will come to you and take your life. Stop them at all costs. It’s all about timing. If you’re good at timing, you will win. Otherwise, you can’t keep your life safe. Enemies will approach you from the right and the left side.

To defeat them and protect your life, you should wait until they come close to you, then attack them. By doing this, you will never miss. If you attack too early, you will be able to attack again right away. Instead, you have to wait for a few seconds. During the period that you get ready, the enemy will take that opportunity to take your life. You don’t have time to rest. You have to always be ready to deal with the attack of enemies.

Fighting against endless hordes of stickmen is what you do in this exciting friv school game. By killing enemies, you will get coins and you can use coins to unlock new weapons and upgrade the existing ones to enhance their strength. This is an endless fighting game; therefore, each time you play, try your best to set a record, then break it next time. A match only ends when you die. As time flies, more enemies will come. It means the challenging level of the game increases.

Don't make a regrettable mistake. Stay focused and attack at the right moment to sweep all enemies out of this world. Good luck and test your skills in other fun games such as Stickman Temple Wars and Spy Shot Laser Bounce

How to play: Right and left arrow keys.

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