World Cup 2022 GamePlay:

Who doesn’t love World Cup? Held once a year, the world cup is one of the biggest and most anticipated soccer tournaments. World Cup 2022 has begun at friv sports games. Do you want to join? All the best national soccer teams gather here and get ready to win over every single opposing team to bring the champion cup home and you are one of them. Choose your favorite team and let the match starts now.

Here, you are trusted by the coach and team members to take a penalty. Yes, you are a penalty taker. Your main objective is to score and block your opponent from scoring. When it’s your turn to take a penalty, try your best to make a successful shot. It’s easy to play but hard to master. The gameplay and control mechanics are simple.

You can set the direction of your kick with the first tap or click. With the second tap or click, you set the height and curve your shot if needed. And with the third tap or click, hopefully, the ball will fly straight to the goal. Like other soccer games that focus on the penalty at https://friv.land/, the opposing’s goal is defended by the opposing team’s players.

The ball has to go through the all players and the goalkeeper of the opposing team. The direction and height of your shot decide everything. You can’t master the control right away but you will need some time to practice. When it’s your turn to save your goal, click or tap on the gloves to block the ball. After time runs out, the winner will be found. Good luck and don’t hesitate to enjoy other games such as Soccer Kid vs Huggy and Head Soccer 2023.

How to play: Tap or click.