Xtreme Moto Snow Bike Racing Game GamePlay:

It’s time to put car racing games aside and conquer new challenges at Friv Land. Wear a helmet, hop on your cool motorbike, and dash toward. Roll the throttle grip toward you to speed up and jump, fly and even flip your way through a series of obstacles in each level of Xtreme Moto Snow Bike Racing Game. Speed plays an important in this game. Speed combined with momentum will help you overcome deadly obstacles. Don’t need to slow down. Just ride your bike at high speed and keep it balancing, then nothing can stop you.

When you do a flip on the level, you get a bonus. The game doesn’t require you to go to the finish line within a given time. You just have to finish the track without any scratches. On https://friv.land/, there are 25 levels in total and the first one is available to jump in while the remaining 24 levels are locked. Because of different obstacles, you hardly finish a track with only one try.

As your head directly crashes into the ground or you fail due to any obstacles, you have to start from the beginning of the latest checkpoint that you reach. Each level challenges your riding skills with different threatens and the difficulty of the later levels is only more difficult, not less. So be well-prepared because you don’t know what awaits you ahead. You have nothing that helps you go through obstacles safer and easier. You have to rely on yourself.

Let’s take a deep breath before your motorbike rolls. Enjoy your time here and if you can’t wait to discover new worlds with new challenges, check out Super SUV Driving and GP Moto Racing 2.

Instructions: Arrow keys to control your motorbike.