Knock Rush GamePlay:

Knock is a fun shooting game with a simple concept where you have to knock down all robots coming to you by using your weapon. At Friv Land, you can find a lot of shooting games and each gives you a different gaming experience. This game does the same thing. There are 3 interesting modes for you to discover with a wide variety of weapons to unlock. All will keep you hooked and enjoy yourself. You even can customize your own weapons. The game offers a specific option for you to do that.

Basically, your main goal in the 3 modes is the same which is to defeat all robots before they come close to you. It’s a shooting game but it doesn’t look like other shooting games that you have played on https://friv.land/. It seems that you shoot heavy objects to knock down enemies, causing them to fall from this destination to that destination until you reach the finish line.

In Endless mode, enemies appear and come to you unstoppably and you have to attack them until you can’t. In Supercharge mode, you choose 3 weapons before the game starts and you have to rescue some victims in each level. Weapons are unique and you find each of them really funs to use. It’s not easy to win at all. It’s normal if you fail several times at a level. Just stand up and keep fighting.

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Use your left click to shoot.

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