Zombie Shooter Online GamePlay:

Zombie Shooter Online looks like a shooting game but in fact, it’s a puzzle game where you have to figure out the best way to shoot down all zombies that appear in each level. Here at friv Games school, you can find a lot of games like this. They have the same gameplay but bring you a different experience. Then, don’t leave if you have played several options like that. So much fun is here to discover.

This game offers 2 modes including Normal mode and Explosion mode. You need to collect 36 stars to unlock the second one. So, basically, you will have to kill all zombies with as little ammo as possible. By doing that, you will get 3 stars on each level and soon have 36 stars to unlock Explosion mode. You are given a certain number of bullets at each level. It’s better to leave a least one bullet behind. If you use all bullets you have to kill zombies, you seem to get 1 or 2 stars.

On https://friv.land/, so what will make you fail? If you run out of bullets why zombies are still there, your mission fails and you have to start that level once again. You should make use of the ricochet and objects around to reach your goal. For example, instead of shooting directly at zombies that sometimes you can’t, you shoot at the walls or hard flat surfaces to make the bullet bounce and fly straight to the zombies.

Sometimes, you shoot at giant balls or a huge box to make them drop right at zombies and make them die. Depend on each situation, you will have at least one optimal way to destroy the enemy. Enjoy your time here and in other awesome choices such as Sniper Trigger Revenge and.

Instructions: Aim by using your mouse and shoot by releasing your left mouse.

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