Sniper Trigger Revenge GamePlay:

Sniper Trigger Revenge is a unique combination of shooting and puzzle games where you have to find the best solution to shoot down every single enemy at each level. Many games have gameplay like that at friv game 2021 but this one will bring to you something different. You play as an experienced sniper who is hired to kill some bad guys. So your main goal is to shoot down all enemies on every level with limited ammunition in stock. You won’t move around and seek for them and they won’t shoot you back.

Everyone stays still and that makes your mission so hard to complete. It’s not always easy to reach the enemies because there is always something that blocks your shot. You have to make use of the ricochet and surrounding objects to shoot enemies. For example, you shoot at the wall to make the bullet bounce off and take the enemy’s life. That’s how the ricochet works.

On https://friv.land/, remember that you have a certain number of bullets. Make sure you do not waste any of them. When the enemy stands in a hard-to-reach position, you need more than one bullet to kill him. You will see three stars on each level. You can shoot at them to collect them. However, it’s unnecessary because you just need to defeat all enemies to complete the mission without any stars. By completing each level, you earn money to buy weapons and skins. They offer no buff. Instead, they just keep your gaming experience refreshing.

Many shooting challenges are waiting for you, not to mention a lot of attractive games such as Raft Wars 2 and Blocky Siege. Enjoy all of them for free.

Controls: Aim and shoot by using your mouse.

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