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Adam and Eve is back! Adam and Eve 4: The cute point and click puzzle game series Adam and Eve with it’s fourth installment. Your task in this episode is to help lazy Adam on his adventure to get back to his beloved Eve. Good luck and have fun with Adam and Eve 4!

Adam and Eve 4 is ready to play in Friv.land! One of the cute point and click puzzle games of series Adam and Eve with the fourth installment is now available. Huge challenges and wonderful adventures will make you feel so excited. Adam and Eve 4 free game appeals for sure.

The Adam and Eve 4 is a one-player puzzle game Frivforschool in which you have to help the unfortunate Adam, who found himself in the clutches of the dominant Cleopatra. Adam's life is on your hand. His journey is heading to his beloved Eve, but Adam has to overcome a lot of difficulties to meet her. Pay attention! Don't wake Cleopatra up! You may suffer from unexpected troubles in situations.

Your task in this game is to help lazy Adam on his adventure to get back to his darling Eve. Interact with objects, people and animals to find a way out of every tricky situation. Open gates, fool guards, let some dinosaurs help you and even trick spooky mummies to keep going ahead. Make Adam run and jump by his car over blocks to avoid them! Collect money to earn more points and make the journey more motivating!

To succeed the game you have to pass through different levels with unlimited time! All levels are extremely captivating and amusing. You make use of your problem-solving skill and intelligence to give Adam a helping hand. Good luck and have fun with Adam and Eve 4 at Friv for kids!

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Controls: Click the mouse to play.

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