Adam And Eve Night GamePlay:

Adam And Eve Night is a Halloween-themed point and click game in Adam And Eve series. You can find and play many Adam And Eve games at friv Games to play but now, let’s embark on a spooky adventure with Adam in this game. It’s one of the best games for Halloween. Here, Adam was sleepwalking and he is led to a strange place by a mysterious force. He wakes up and he is in a dark and haunted place.

Your main objective is to help him escape from here and come home safely. You know Eve is waiting for him, right? Like other Adam and Eve games, this game requires you to solve the puzzle. You have to find the solution to keep Adam moving ahead and it means you advance in the game. The game has a dark scary theme, so you have to observe and look at every detail in the scene to find hints.

On https://friv.land/, it’s not easy to escape from the ghouls and ghosts but if you think fast, you will outsmart them. Use your brain and your eyes are what the game guide you. Sometimes, you have to make a choice and if you get the wrong one, you know what will come to you, don’t you? Nothing is better than playing a Halloween-themed game for Halloween, especially when you play with your family and friends.

This game is challenging and you don’t have any hints to help you overcome those challenges. Simple but hard to master, how can you get Adam back to his home safely while there are so many things stop your way? Keep trying and you will be successful at some point. Enjoy and check out other options such as Adam and Eve GO and Symmetry Challenge.

How to play:

Click to help Adam.

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