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Adam And Eve 7: Adam The Ghost is the seventh version of the series Adam And Eve. Check it out in Friv.land.  Are you confident to resolve all tough questions? If you seem a little off, play Adam And Eve 7: Adam The Ghost puzzle game of cfrvi to relax. Think different to get out of terrible situations. So much fun!


Adam And Eve 7: Adam The Ghost free game is so fun. The game includes many levels. Use your intellectual ability to solve problems and finish tasks. Your main mission is to disguise a horrible spirit and scare people.  You must interact with objects, human, and animals to make missions done at cfrvi game. Adam will take a role of a ghost to do tasks.


After finishing a task, you complete a level. In the beginning, you have to scare a kid. You will turn over the bed. The kid falls out of the bad and you do something to scare him. Next, click the mouse to release it and browbeat the nun. You see a man snorkeling. Click on apples on the tree. An apply drops on his snorkel. He cannot breathe and will rise up the air. At that time, you make him startled on cfrvi online game.


Find the key behind a picture and unlock the safe. Take all gold coins in the strongbox and push it backward. You meet a thief and scare him. Collapse a column of a temple and use it as a bridge to cross the abyss. Then you threaten the tourist. Fill up a cabin with soil to control the pulley. The miner was lifted up. You scare him again. Create a mixture of cement and fill up a hole with it. When the cement is dry, you cross the road to make the man shocking. A woman is hiding behind a closet. Pull it down and scare her.


You will receive medals if you succeed in scaring people.  Rate, share and comment on this game. Seek similar games like Adam And Eve 6: Sleep Walker, Adam And Eve Zombies, Adam And Eve 4 of http://friv.land/.



  • Use the mouse to play.
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