Symmetry Challenge GamePlay:

The name of the game said something about itself. Symmetry Challenge offers 35 symmetry levels as 35 symmetrical pictures that you have to conquer within a given amount of time. Here at friv Games, each level gives you half of the symmetry picture that requires you to complete that picture with the other half. All the pictures are created by tiles. So you just have to click on each tile to draw the picture.

Make sure you use the right color and half of the picture that you are drawing must be the same as the given half of the picture because it’s a symmetry picture. The challenging part is that each level has 4 stages and you have to complete all of them within a certain amount of time. If time runs out and you haven’t finished yet, you have to play from stage 1 of that level. On https://friv.land/, that's a heavy punishment because you can't carry on where you fell, you have to go back and start over.

So, observe the given half of the picture well, then quickly create the mirror side of it. A mirror image means the left side should look exactly like the right side. This game is not too difficult. However, under the pressure of time, you shouldn’t waste any seconds. You have to be quick and take action accurately. The puzzle becomes more complex as you advance. You can’t guess what kind of challenges await you ahead. That’s fun to discover and conquer each challenge. So, don’t give up.

Let’s conquer 35 levels from level 1 to level 35 and show how good you are at drawing. Enjoy your time here and in other options such as Grenade Toss and Cat Rolling.


Use your mouse to create a symmetry picture.

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