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Alisa School Popularity Guide of Friv.land is like a handbook for school girls. It contains pieces of advice which instruct youngsters to adapt quickly in the new community. Alisa School Popularity Guide game is so interesting and special that you just want to replay it. Shake all nervous tension off in friv 2 player.

The Alisa School Popularity Guide is helpful for girls who have to move to a new school. Alisa’ daddy gets a new job in a city. Her family moves to that city, and she is going to go to a new school. Alisa hopes that everything will be fine. She asks for your help. Let’s explore her wardrobe. Open it to see what she has. Firstly, choose clothes for her at friv 2 player games. You don’t combine shirts with skirts or jeans because she just has sets of clothes. Select the most beautiful outfit. There are 4 sets of 4 different fashion styles.  The first set which includes a blue skirt, purple shirt, and blue coat is elegant. The fourth set which is consists of jeans and white T-shirt is lively.

Then pick her favorite hair’s color and style. We offer many colors such as ginger, maroon, blonde, and red. Choose a pair of sock among socks with different length and colors.  Pick high heels, flat shoes, platform shoes or sneakers on friv 2 player free. Her handbags have various designs and patterns. Take a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a scarf. Make sure that you mix them well.

Next, you decorate her diary. Pick a pattern for the cover. Design the font and color. Draw cute images on the cover like cherries, clover leaves, stars, hearts, and ice creams. Choose an icon to adorn the bookmark. Help her post pictures on the Facebook account and make new friends.  Now Alisa is ready to begin the first day in her new school.  
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Controls: Use the mouse to play.

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