Ollie Goes To School GamePlay:

Not everyone wants to get up early and go to school, so does Ollie. Ollie has to go to school today but he hasn't woken up yet. If Ollie is still sleeping, he will be late for school. Let’ wake him up and help him ready for school in Ollie Goes To School at friv for school. In this game, you both help Ollie dress up and prepare his bag and go to school with him to discover what he is going through in school.

First of all, give him a warm hug and he will happily wake up. Then, you prepare breakfast. What is Ollie’s favorite food? Well, Ollie is a cute bunny and he loves carrots. After finishing breakfast, you put a pen, a notebook, a rule, and so on into his schoolbag and help him put on his school uniform. Now, he’s ready to go to school. This enjoyable game includes 5 stages. Once you wake Ollie up and he goes to school, you complete 2 of the first levels. The other 3 levels are about gaming. On https://friv.land/, you will play 3 mini-games including a jigsaw, a matching pairs game, and a find the differences game. All of them are easy and don’t require you to finish within a given time. Besides, even you make mistakes, you won’t be punished. Then, this fun game is a perfect choice for kids.

If you are looking for a game for your kids, you should check out this one among tons of options on our site. How was your day? Do you have fun with Ollie? Let’s start a new adventure in other games such as Astronaut Us and Om Num Run 3D

Controls: Mouse to play.

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