Among Us Commander Shoot Zombies GamePlay:

Among Us Commander Shoot Zombies is a run-and-gun shooter featuring zombies, monsters, and Among Us commander. Here, you play as a commander who is in charge of killing zombies. At friv Games for school, you have to kill as many zombies as possible and go as far as you can. Move forward and go deeper into the area where those evil creatures come from to sweep them out of this world.

It just likes an endless adventure in which you have to run and shoot continuously until you run out of life. You have 3 lives each turn and you can get more lives by collecting hearts while running. You also have limited energy which is used to activate your gun. However, you can refill energy by collecting energy. Each time you touch an enemy, you lose a heart but if you get a shield, you won’t take damage.

On https://friv.land/, besides a gun on your hands, you also get help from 3 special skills including firestorms, lightning, and ice. You can use them whenever you want as soon as they are ready to activate. After each use, you have to wait a few seconds for further use. Each skill has a different cooldown. You can jump over the monsters if you don’t have enough time to kill them but it’s better to shoot ‘em up. Don’t leave anyone alive.

However, you can ignore the monsters flying in the air because when you jump to shoot them, you are more likely to accidentally crash into them. Have a safe journey and google luck. Let’s discover other great choices on our site. Some of them are Zombie Shooter Online and.

How to play: Left click or Space to shoot, WASD to move, mouse to activate skills.