Shoot Your Nightmare Double Trouble GamePlay:

After falling asleep, you may want to dream of something great, fun and wonderful, but unfortunately, you have a bad dream. You are trapped in a nightmare in which something terrifying is waiting for you. If you don’t figure out how to escape from that, you will die in your dream. That’s bad. Shoot Your Nightmare Double Trouble is a horror game combine with the first-person shooting game that you can play for free at friv games 2020 

It supposes to be a great dream but it turns into a nightmare. In this nightmare, you are under the attack of an evil creature. This is an abandoned town in the heart of a dark forest. There is no one here to help you. You have to find a survival way by yourself. Do mission to get out of here and while doing mission, you must watch out your enemy. It can appear from everywhere and take your life at ease.

To wake up from the terrifying nightmare, first of all, you have to find 6 clocks hidden somewhere around you. On http://friv.land/, the dark and noise bring something horrible. Watch your back, look around and get your weapon ready to deal with unexpected things that would come surprisingly.

Use different kinds of weapons to kill your enemies before you are killed. Try to stay alive even though your whole body is shaking because of the terrifying noise and the dark. Complete the current mission to unlock the next nightmare Good luck! Play these following options to refresh your mind after conquering this horror game: Stickman Wingsuit and Stickman Armed Assassin 3D 

Controls: Use WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot, Space to jump, Shift to run, F to grab items, mouse wheel and 1-4 to change weapons.

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