Angry Heroes Birds GamePlay:

It can be said that Angry Heroes Birds and the famous Angry Birds are twins because they are the same in gameplay, control, and other features. Of course, they still have something different and you can find out what are they when playing this awesome Friv.land action game. Here, your job is to help angry birds take revenge on the green pigs. They are the eternal enemy of angry birds. These pigs are hiding inside their houses. Your mission is to defeat green pigs and destroy their house by shooting angry birds at the.

You have a giant slingshot. Each time, one of your birds will be placed in that slingshot. To shoot a bird, you just need to pull back on the slingshot and aim. The further back you pull the slingshot, the further and the faster the bird flies. To determine how high or low the bird flies, you drag the bird up or down accordingly. When you pull back the slingshot, you will see a dotted line. It indicates the bird’s trajectory. Rely on that line and you can aim and shoot accurately at the target. A level is clear only when all green pigs are defeated. If you run out of birds while one or some pigs are still alive, you lose and that level should be restarted.

Try to kill all the pigs with as few birds apossible s because that way you will get 3 stars. As you level up, you will have some birds with special abilities in your team. Those birds are stronger than the normal ones that can help you defeat enemies faster and easier. Conquer 20 challenging levels in this game and don’t forget to check out other cool adventure games such as Boat Rush 2D and Super Pikachu.

How to play: Mouse.

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