Angry Shark Online GamePlay:

Human causes environmental pollution. They exploit the ocean because of resources and entertainment too much. That affects the lives of aquatic animals. Their living environment is increasingly narrowed. It’s time to revenge. In Angry Shark Online at free friv Games, you play as a huge shark. Your mission is to destroy as many things as possible to earn score. It’s time to make human pay for what they are doing to nature.

You swim under the water with a certain amount of blood. Before it’s too late, you must use your power to break everything on the water such as ships, boats, humans, and even aircraft in the air. You dive deep and come up fast to make super jumps, then you can make shipwreck. Jump on the boats and things to break them, tear them apart to earn points on http://friv.land/.

Try to bite aircraft and pull them down into the water. As time goes by, your health drops down, you eat people and fishes to increase the blood bar. You are not an unstoppable shark. You will be killed by something dangerous that human puts into the ocean such as mines. Avoid them if you see them in the ocean. Don’t forget to make as many super jumps as possible to earn extra scores. This game ends until your blood bar is zero. Keep eating and breaking things and you will be the champion in the ocean. Have fun and enjoy tons of games available for free such as Galaxystrife and Clean Road 

Instructions: Use arrow keys to move and break things.

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