Angry Pigs GamePlay:

Angry Birds is a famous game nowadays, but have you tried playing Angry Pigs? The rules and the gameplay are mostly the same, but you will meet the cute Angry Pigs and get to enjoy more fun challenges. Let us guide you through the gameplay one more time in Friv land. There are a lot of levels with different obstacles and different shapes of towers for you to enjoy. On each level, the goal remains the same. It's to use the limited number of available birds or pigs to shoot down the towers.

Each of the bids or pigs has its own characteristics, so you should remember to pay attention to these features. By utilizing the animals, you can maximize the damage range and create a bigger explosion when the animals reach the infrastructures. It's all about your ability to aim at the perfect spot to break down the towers in the least number of shots. A tip for you is to aim at the weaker spots or have a strategy to break down pieces by pieces. Some of the pieces are huge and hard to break down, so don't try to mess with them!

Coming up with a great tactic is also a crucial part of this shooting game. Don't worry if you can't overcome a level because at http://friv.land, you can always try again! Players of all ages have enjoyed this version of the game, along with more free choices such as UFO Raider and Darts Pro

How to play: control and shoot with the mouse.

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