Angry Vegetable GamePlay:

Angry Vegetable is the “vegetarian version” of Angry Birds with the main characters are all kinds of vegetables. Vegetables are human food but recently they have not accepted that fact anymore. They want to take revenge on people who consumed them every day. Of course, you are human, but temporarily stand by the vegetables and help them carry out this rebellion.

At play free friv Games, you play as vegetable and your main goal is to defeat humans by throwing different kinds of vegetables on humans. This works like what you have played in Angry Birds. People hide inside solid platforms so you may not attack them successfully with one shot. Just try several times to kill them and don’t forget to use TNT available on some levels to explode everything.

On http://friv.land/, you have a certain number of vegetables in each level and 12 levels are waiting for you here. The later levels are more challenging than the previous ones because more enemies appear and they stand in the tricky spots that you may find it hard to attack. To unlock new stages, you must complete the mission in the current one. These vegetables seem to be very weak but they are really strong when angry.

They can’t wait to defeat bad guys and take over the world. Keep track of their plans and see how they will accomplish it to reach their goals. They will succeed with your help. Enjoy the battle and challenge yourself with other missions in Choli Sky Jump and Ninja War. They may not be as simple as they seem to be. Check this out!

How to play: Aim and shoot by using your mouse.

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