Galaxystrife GamePlay:

Jump into combat and try to eliminate the other spaceships. Are you confident enough to shoot down all enemies and become the ruler of the space? Click on Galaxystrife and enter the battlefield in the space full of other players come from all over the world. Your main objective here is to survive as long as possible. A match consists of 10 players.

You must kill as many spaceships as you can to become the winner at play game friv. It’s a cool multiplayer online shooting game set in the space. You control your spaceship fly around the space and kill anyone flies passing you. There are many weapons and power-ups scattered all over the map. Try to manage your flying speed to collect them and use them to shoot down all of them.

However, you must avoid some dangerous objects such as debris, asteroids, or mines. On http://friv.land, if you are new in the battle, you may be surrounded by other players. Of course, each person will fight for their own goals. However, you may be under the attack of some spaceships. If you haven’t equipped any weapons, you must fly away to avoid the attack.

Try to collect different kinds of weapons and boosters to become unstoppable and shoot your way to reach the top of the leaderboard. If you unfortunately die, you can respawn and keep fighting. With each killed, you earn some points. Your rank depends on these points. Kill as many enemies as you can to earn more points to reach the top. Good luck and have fun! Don’t forget to find and play other games such as Clean Road and Road Fury.

Instructions: Use your mouse to fly.

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