Clean Road GamePlay:

For anyone who has not seen snow before, wake up in the morning and see snow is everywhere is a very wonderful thing. The snow is very beautiful, no one denies that. However, Too much snow will cause many problems that adversely affect life, one of which is hindering traffic.

In Clean Road, everyone is freaking out because of snow. They can go to work or school because snow blocks their way. It’s up to you to clean the road and help them drive safely to the highway. At friv kids Games, your mission is to clean the snow on the road from point A to point B without crashing into any obstacles. It seems easy but you will find out it really hard soon.

Civilians are in the car parked in the driveways waiting for your help. Drive your truck with a snowplow to remove the snow. When you clean snow in front of all the houses, civilians will follow your truck until they reach the highway. There are many obstacles block your way.

You can push them to move forward. However, if the thing is too big, you will waste more time and effort on pushing and if there are some cars behind you, they will crash into you. The game ends here. Try to avoid all troubles and finish your mission on http://friv.land. With each success, you get coins and you can also collect coins along the way. You use coins to upgrade your snowplow or buy the new ones which are stronger. Challenge yourself in this awesome game right now and have fun with other options such as Road Fury and Stickman Vector.

How to play: Use your mouse to drive.

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