AstroRace.io GamePlay:

AstroRace.io is an addictive racing multiplayer online IO game brings you to space and allows you to join the most epic racing ever. This time, you don’t control your racing car and burn the asphalt in the normal racing track on the ground. You travel to the galaxy and race against other pilots come from all over the worlds. Unlike other racing games at friv free to play, you control a high-speed spaceship instead of a car.

In the beginning, you may not get used to the control mechanism as you easily crash into the wall. However, after a few time trying, you will soon become a pro pilot who not only can control a spaceship but also race with it through every unique race track and beat other players. Try to reach the finish line first to earn money to unlock more cool spaceships and customize them at your disposal.

On http://friv.land/, you can take participate in the racing tournaments in different planets like Venus and Mars. Each planet offers 5 laps. Each race consists of 4 racers. Here, you don’t have any nitro to boost your speed. To increase your speed, you touch the walls. Sound cool, doesn’t it? However, you must touch the wall to boost energy skillfully, otherwise, you will get stuck and slow down. Your opponents will take advantage of that moment to leave your behind. Don’t let it happen.

Prove that you are not only a great racer on the ground but in the space. Have fun! More unique IO games are available on our site. If you have time, why don’t you play Yorg.io and SnowWars.io?

Instructions: Control your spaceship by using arrow keys.

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