Baby Moana At The Dentist GamePlay:

Baby Moana At The Dentist is a lovely and engrossing game at Friv.land. Little Moana has many troubles with her teeth. She isn’t confident enough to wear wide smiles. Baby Moana At The Dentist game seems to be an opportunity to support the princess in jogos friv. The game shows you the ropes to cure her teeth.

Baby Moana At The Dentist online is a free single-player game. Baby Moana has had too many sweets, so she is suffering from severe pain on teeth. You need to help her to heal her teeth. Her teeth have many problems. You become a dentist making her teeth well on jogos friv games.

She will sit on a chair to receive the treatment. In front of her, there a sink, a water pipe, a green button, toothpaste, a toothbrush and a cup. Press the green button to fill up the sink with water. Take a cup full of water. Press the button again to stop the water. Let baby Moana gargle with water in the cup at jogos friv player games. Take a little toothpaste and put on the toothbrush. Brush her teeth. Open the tap and take a cup of water. Let her rinse her mouth with that water in the cup. You finish the first step.

Next, you treat her teeth. She has so much tooth decay and tartar. We provide a few special tools and machines to make her teeth better. They have strange shapes and designs. Tools are colorful and eye-catching. Each tool has a separate function. You scrape her teeth in jogos friv online games. Refill red and black holes in the teeth. You remove stains on space between teeth. Polish yellow teeth. There are two serious decay teeth. You pull them out, then they are replaced by two new good teeth. Now baby Moana feels better. She has healthy teeth and good-looking smiles. 

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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.
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