Ball Gradient GamePlay:

Are you ready for an endless ball-rolling adventure? Move the ball to the left and the right as it rolls forwards to the finish area in Ball Gradient. It is a fund hypercasual game that you can play for free at adventure-games. Your main objective is to lead the ball to its destination as required. To reach that goal, you have to move the ball to the left and right accordingly to avoid all obstacles on the way and collect as many diamonds as possible. Diamonds can be used to upgrade 3 stats including Double Coins, Magnet, and Shield.

These upgrades help you a lot in the game. Double Coins double the number of diamonds you earn. Magnet helps you collect several diamonds at the same time and Shield protects the ball from obstacles. These upgrades help you a lot in the game; therefore, start upgrading whenever you have enough diamonds. This game is all about reflexes and concentration. Why? Because you don’t want to take your eyes off the ball even for a second as the ball may fall off the track. Besides, the track won’t be straight and smooth. This game, as you advance, you face many challenges such as moving track, gaps, and so on. Also, the ball’s moving speed increases significantly.

When it rolls at high speed, you will find it harder to dodge the obstacles and save them from falling. The tracks in later levels will be filled with deadly traps such as swinging axes, guillotines, and so on. If the ball hits one of those obstacles, its rolling journey ends and you have to restart that level. Good luck and have fun! Don’t forget to check out other cool games such as Miner GokartCraft - 4 Player and Rainbow Friends.

Controls: Left and right arrow keys.

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