Miner GokartCraft - 4 Player GamePlay:

As its name, Miner GokartCraft - 4 Player is a challenging adventure game for 4 players. Here at….., it’s too hard to play this game alone because there are 4 characters in total. If you can control 4 characters by yourself and conquer all levels, you are one of the best gamers in the world. Why it’s hard? Just because four characters almost have to move at the same time. You don’t have time to switch characters. You should embark on this adventure at least with one friend. Each of you controls 2 characters. That may be a great idea.

So, your main objective in each level is to help Noob, Pro, Creper and Ender reach the exit safely. Behind them is a monster and in front of them is a series of deadly obstacles. Let’s lead them to go through all those dangers. It’s not easy at all because they are on their cart moving forward automatically. You need to have a good reaction and hand-eye coordination to overcome all obstacles. In this game at Miner GokartCraft - 4 Player, if one of 4 characters hit an obstacle or the monster catches one of them, that level fails and you have to restart it. Each character has only one life on a level and as you progress, the escaping journey becomes harder and harder.

Four characters will have to deal with more deadly traps. There is no time for them to rest. They have to always stay focused to pass every single obstacle. Do not take your eyes off the screen unless all characters have arrived safely. Good luck and have a safe adventure. After that, here are some awesome options that you should try Atanu Boy 2 and Zombie Invasion.

Instructions: L/Up arrow key/ T/W to play.

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