Rainbow Friends GamePlay:

Rainbow Friends is a fun casual game that players of all ages can play because its gameplay is pretty simple. All you need to do is to collect as many candies as possible with the goal of living as long as you can. The number of candies that you collect is the number of points you have. You will move to the left and right accordingly to collect candies and avoid bombs. It’s fine if you miss some candies but if you get hit by only one bomb, the game is over. Restarting the game is what you have to do.

Not only your reflexes will be tested, but also your hand-eye coordination. Your hands and sight have to work together to be able to catch candies and avoid bombs that require speed and accuracy. Don’t always try hard to get the candies. You can leave some candies to drop because this game doesn’t require you to catch every single candy anyway. Insisting on collecting every candy will put you in danger. Your ultimate goal in this game is to survive. That’s why you should keep yourself safe first. Besides, as you advance, the challenge level of the game increases significantly. Bombs appear more and their falling speed also increases. It's not as easy to avoid bombs as it was in the beginning.

Even though the game is easy, it’s hard to master. Not everyone can get a high score here. Are you one of them? How many scores can you get? Set your own record and play several times to break it and set a new one. An amazing gaming time is guaranteed. Enjoy it and other cool games such as Super Martin Princess In Trouble and Sea Maiden. New games are coming on their way. Stay tuned to welcome them. Have fun!

How to play: Left and right arrow keys or mouse.

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