Ball Juggling GamePlay:

Ball Juggling is a fun soccer game about juggling the ball at friv com Games play. This time. Instead of running around the field, passing the ball to your teammates, and trying to score, you will deal with a challenge about juggling the soccer ball. Let’s see how many times you can juggle the ball. As you may know, juggling a soccer ball is considered one of the ultimate skills for soccer players. You need to master that technical skills.

Spend your time practicing to get your feet comfortable with the ball and deal with this challenge. The more you play, the more times you can juggle the soccer ball. So gaining the highest scores is your main objective here. To juggle a soccer ball in this game, you have to time your action to kick the ball. Timing is the key point to getting a high score. Right after the ball is dropped, you kick it back up in the air.

Make sure you wait for the ball to descend at a suitable level, then kick it. In the beginning, when you start this exciting Friv Land game, you may not get the high score that you want. However, as mentioned above, practice more and your performance will improve significantly. Then, you can juggle one, two, five balls, and even 100 balls. The gameplay is super simple but insanely challenging.

Timing your kick is important. If you kick at the wrong moment, you fail. You can compete against your friends to find out who is the better soccer player. It will be much more enjoyable. Don’t forget that our site is full of awesome games. Make sure you check them out. Some of the best options for you are Blitz Football 2022 and Skateboard Lighter.

Controls: Tap or click to kick.