Skateboard Lighter GamePlay:

You will meet something shocking in Skateboard Lighter at https://friv.land/. Why? Because a lighter is skateboarding there. Have you ever met that scene? You will be the one to help that lighter skateboard safely. Let’s talk about your mission and objective first. All you need to do here is to control a lighter to pop popcorn and grill meat while it’s skateboarding. Help it reach the finish line safely and successfully.

Waiting for the lighter at the end of each level is a chef who will enjoy the dish cooked by the lighter. The most important thing is to light the lighter at the right time to pop the popcorn, grill meat, and so on. Besides, you need to stop lighting the lighter when it goes under the bombs. Otherwise, everything is exploded.

Also, when the lighter comes near the final dish, make sure you don’t overuse the lighter if you want to complete your mission and don’t want the lighter to disappear. This exciting Friv land game is not about skateboarding. Instead, it’s about lighting the lighter. It means you won’t directly control the lighter to skateboard. You are in charge of lighting the lighter to cook something like dump sticks, beef, and more.

Of course, you and your lighter will face many obstacles that threaten the lighter’s life and the most dangerous one is the bombs. You know that when fire meets a bomb, the bomb will be activated and everything is blown up. Don’t miss any single of items on the way. Otherwise, you also won’t finish that level.

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How to play: Mouse or tap to light the lighter.

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