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Barbie With Little Wolfhound is a weird story in Friv.land. Barbie girl meets a wolfhound dog which is injured. She will give a medical treatment to the pitiful animal. She doesn’t know the magical thing is coming soon. Play Barbie With Little Wolfhound game till the end at friv 2017 to witness the wondrous surprise.


Barbie With Little Wolfhound free game. One day while Barbie was walking on the street, she saw a stray dog. It looks so sad. It has many injuries. Barbie thinks it is very poor. She decides to adopt and take care of it. Barbie prepares the first-aid to cure it. You see a bottle of medicine. It will take the medicine on friv 2017 game. Its fur has many smears. Use a pink bar of soap to remove stains on its fur.


Many grazes are hurting it. Use a sprayer to apply the medical liquid to its skin. His tail sticks to leaves and small branches. Use scissors to cut them off the tail. Use a syringe to suck out blood in some wounds. Use a clip to pick up thorns and put them on a tray. Remove blood from uncovered injuries. Apply a bag of ice on his swollen nose. Apply medical cream of friv 2017 player game on wounds.


After Barbie finishes the treatment, the wolf recovers. It looks good now. It is treated well. Then something strange happens. A dazzling light shines. The wolf turns into a handsome prince. The girl is very surprised. The prince was cursed by a witch. Barbie breaks the curse for him. So unexpected!


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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