Infiltrating the Airship GamePlay:

The government has captured stickman for a crime, but they give him a chance to correct the mistake. The Toppat Clan is an international group of thieves threatening the whole city. If Stickman can help them take down this group, his crime will be removed and your mission in Infiltrating the Airship is to help him reach the goal. He must break in the Toppat Clan’s airship and find out the way to deal with them.

What you need to do at friv free Games is to make a choice. There are many objects for each situation and you must make a decision that directly alters how stickman progresses through the story. Each option leads to a consequence. It may be right or wrong and you always can try again. Use your wisdom to help him choose the correct course of action to make sure that he will succeed.

On http://friv.land, you can’t guess the result of each option you have chosen. Make a decision and wait to experience a large dose of humor and funny scenes. If you fail, you can replay each stage to try other options and witness the funniest death ever. Whether he succeeds or not depends on you, on your decision.

Don’t hesitate to try different choices and figure out the best one. Try and fail, try and fail and keep trying until you reach the goal. The games related to stickman always fun and entertaining. If you want to have more fun or test your brain in different ways, you can check out Dumb Ways To Die 2 The Games and Super Boxing.

How to play: Left click to solve the puzzle.

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