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Bobb’s World is an interesting adventure and platformer game that takes you to 3 different planets where you will help Bobb the monster to collect all the food scattered around and enter the exit to keep its journey going. Bobb is starving right now and it needs your help. Bobb can’t get the food on its own. That’s why you are here at friv all games. Each level requires you to collect all the food. As soon as all the food is collected, the exit will open. 

Some of the first levels are easy and simple. There are not many obstacles to stop you there. However, as you level up, you handle a lot of deadly obstacles and enemies, an experience that reminds you of the challenging Super Raccoon World game. You don’t have any weapons to destroy those traps or kill enemies. The only way to pass an obstacle is to jump over it and you can deal with enemies in 2 ways: jump on them to kill them or jump over them to avoid being hurt. If Bobb gets attacked 10 times, the monster dies, and unlike other games out there, instead of starting that level, you have to return to level 1 and start over. 

You must pass every level of the first planet to unlock the next one. Something interesting and challenging awaits you in the later levels. You are sure to be amazed by what will happen. Do not rush and take your time to jump because a small mistake can send Bobb to heaven. Time is counted but you don’t have to finish each level within a given time. Have a safe and sound journey and don’t forget that new adventures are waiting for you in other cool adventure games such as Zombies Cookies Apocalypse at friv 5.

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WASD or arrow keys to move and C to dash.

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