Bottle Shooting GamePlay:

Which games are you playing these days? Forget about the tense games which require you to spend time learning the rules, leveling up, earning money and so on friv 10 will introduce you a fun but challenging game with easy-to-play gameplay. Everyone can enjoy but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Bottle Shooting is a bottle shooting simulation game. as its name, your main goal here is to shoot down all bottles in each level. You start with level 1 and advance until you reach level 45. By breaking all bottles at the current level, you can move to the next stage. In the beginning, all bottles stay still. You will find it easy to break them. As you level up, the game becomes tricky as some bottles move continuously and some bottles are hidden behind some objects.

You have to aim accurately and take action. Various weapons are available. Choose what you want and try to use as fewer bullets as you can to earn the highest score. If you miss one time, it’s ok but if you miss many times, you have to play that level once again. On friv games unblocked, each level requires you to finish the mission with a limited of time and bullets. So, don’t waste any time, use the bull eye to aim accurately. The most challenging target is moving ones. You may miss several shots. Do not give up if you get a bad result. Practice more through playing and your shooting skill will improve. Have a great time and enjoy more games on our site. 2 of the best game you should play first are Bottle Shoot and Ben 10 Super Archer

How to play: Aim and shoot by using your mouse.

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