Rescue From Rainbow Monster Online GamePlay:

Why do many players love puzzle games? This game genre must have something addicting that keeps players hooked, right? Here at Friv online, our site is always upgraded with new puzzle games and Rescue From Rainbow Monster Online is one of the latest ones. It has the same gameplay as the famous Cut The Rope.

Crewmate is captured by Rainbow Monster and its monster fellows. Crewmate is being hung inside a spaceship filled with monsters and deadly traps. You are the only one who can help him escape from there. So, cut the rope at the right moment to free the crewmate. Once the rope is cut, the crewmate will land and auto-run to the exit. Sometimes, it’s just simple like that. Cut the rope and your mission is done. However, on some levels, you have to fool the monsters and even kill them before you free the crewmate.

Use the deadly obstacles that those monsters place there to stop the crewmate from escaping to kill them. If the crewmate lands on deadly traps or hits one of those monsters, he will be captured again and you have to find another way to save him. Try to make him fall into coins. Coins are used to unlock new skins for the crewmate. You don’t have to collect every single coin appearing on a level.

This friv 3 puzzle game offers 35 levels with increasing difficulty. It can be said that as you advance, you will deal with the more challenging missions but with your amazing problem-solving skills and experience, you are sure to conquer them all. Have a great gaming time here and in other online games on our site. We have the best hand-picked games for you and here are some of them: Rainbow Friends and Monsters Attack Among Us Squad.


Use MOUSE to play.

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