Candy Shuffle Match-3 GamePlay:

Puzzle games in general and match-3 games, in particular, are never old-fashioned. Players of all ages love to play puzzle games. Now, let’s welcome the latest match-3 puzzle game at Friv match-3 games 2021 named Candy Shuffle Match 3. This game brings you to the candy world where you can collect tons of candies in 40 interesting levels. The game won’t be fun if it doesn’t have something challenging, right?

Here, each level requires you to collect a certain number of candies within a specific number of moves. Yes, it has similar gameplay with other options of the same genre but it has something unique to attract your attention. Firstly, let’s talk about the rule. You have to match more than 3 candies of the same type to collect them. With each group of 5 identical candies, all similar candies of that type will be collected. So, look for the group of 5.

On https://friv.land/, you have some power-up items as well. For example, a hammer removes the candy you select, dynamite removes any line you select, a bomb removes all similar candies, and a pack of candy unpacks one of the candies. Make use of them fully and you can finish your mission much easier. However, they are limited. It’s better to look for a group of 5 identical candies than relying on power-ups.

You should observe carefully before making a move because every single move is precious and if you make a mistake, you increase the chance of failure but you can always play the failing level from the beginning. Have fun and if you have free time, why don’t you explore other games such as  and Among Stacky Runner?

Instructions: Mouse to match items.