Among Stacky Runner GamePlay:

Among Us imposter now has become Among Us runner in Among Stacky Runner – one of the latest games at Friv Land. Help our lovely Among Us character reaches the highest place by building a ladder. However, before starting to build, you need to collect materials. You can see some blocks placed along the way. Collect them and tap or click on the screen to start building the ladders to help you overcome the stairs and different obstacles.

You don’t need to use all blocks that you collect to build a long ladder to deal with a small obstacle. It’s better to save blocks and use them to handle the remaining obstacles in each level, especially for moving on to the next level. For that purpose, try to collect all blocks and sparingly use them. Otherwise, you can’t advance.

On https://friv.land/, you can find many games with a simple concept and gameplay but not every game is easy to play. It looks like nothing is challenging but when you start playing, you know how hard it is. And this game is an example of that. You may have played a level several times, even the first level until you can beat it. With only a pause on your action, you fail. Start building too soon or too late, you fail. Then, a small mistake can make you stop your journey right away.

Besides, your character auto-moves ahead. You can’t tell him to stop or speed up. This can bring to you a lot of problems. If you don’t focus, you can miss some blocks, then you don’t have enough blocks for the end of the stage. Break a leg and enjoy your time here and in other games such as Impostor Killer Among us and Sheep and road.

How to play: Mouse to move and left click to build a ladder.