Candy The Rope GamePlay:

Look at its name, it's reminiscent of a hugely popular game: Cut The Rope. Yes, Candy The Rope has the same gameplay as that original one where you have to feed a cute monster with sweet but it comes with a different theme. In each stage at friv school Games, the candy is attached to one or more ropes and you have to cut the rope in the right order and perfect moment to make the sweet drop onto the monster’s mouth.

To complete a level, you have to collect at least one star. Each stage has three stars to collect. To get a star, the sweet must hit one on the way it falls. If the sweet falls, you have lost momentum in your swing or you cut the wrong rope, it’s better to restart that level and try again. You have to time your action because, on many levels, the rope must be cut at the right time to make the candy swing to the star and monster.

On https://friv.land/, as you level up, you deal with more challenges. You have to keep the candy away from dangers such as spikes. On some levels, you have to make use of some props such as bubbles to lift up the candy and make the sweet hits the star, then you pop the bubble to drop the candy onto the monster. You basically work with physics. Then, it is not easy to reach your goal.

It’s not as simple as you may think. This monster is too cute not to help him. Have a nice day and enjoy more games such as Super Lule Mario and Fruit Monster.

Instructions: Finger or mouse to cut the rope.