Super Lule Mario GamePlay:

Super Mario has always been a great material for many developers to create games and now, the theme of rescuing the princess once again arises at friv com school with Super Lule Mario. Yes, this is another version of Super Mario where you have to go through a series of obstacles and enemies to save your beloved princess. In this platform game, the control mechanism and gameplay are the same as Super Mario. So if you have played that famous one before, you won’t have any trouble when you control your character here.

Of course, our game today also has its own unique feature and you can’t find some signature features of Super Mario here. You have to embark on the adventure and finish it in 5 worlds before you can get to the place where the princess is being held. You can break the bricks along the way to get coins and collect coins as well. By jumping on enemies, you can defeat them. However, with some enemies, you can’t apply that attack.

On https://friv.land/, killing enemies gives you scores and with every 400 scores, you get an extra heart. When you fall or hit enemies, you lose a life and you will have to go back to the starting line. So make sure you are careful in every step and every jump you make. Otherwise, you can’t discover a world completely to move to the next world and your princess have to wait for a long time before you can save her.

Hope you have a safe journey and succeed in your mission. After that, feel free to check out other games such as Gary World and Spiderman T-Rex Runner.

How to play: Arrow keys to play.

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