City Runner - Pixel runner Game Online GamePlay:

Are you bored? Well, something interesting is waiting for you in one of the most enjoyable games at Friv Land called City Runner - Pixel Runner Game Online. Get ready and watch out for other players because you’re about to enter a run race or many run races if you win the current one in which you race against 4 racers. Who will be the winner? There is only one winner in a race. Let’s take that title for yourself.

Here, it’s not a marathon. It’s not about running. It’s also about avoiding many obstacles along the way. You run through a messy road full of traps, dangers that try to stop you and other racers as well. You have to avoid crashing into them. It’s fine if you hit one of those obstacles. You won’t lose your life and have to try once again but you will be left behind by your opponents. It means that you will stop for a few seconds if you hit an obstacle. Your opponent will take that chance to pass you.

On https://friv.land/, don’t worry. You can always have a chance to revenge as soon as you know how to make use of it. Besides avoiding obstacles, try to collect as many coins as possible. Then you can use coins to unlock new skins for your character. Do you see something special on the surface of the road? The small blue areas are the speed-up pads.

Step on those pads and they boost your speed for a few seconds. A few seconds is too enough for you to change the game. So enjoy each race and make sure you explore more games such as Amongus.io and Fallingman.io - Winter Seasons

Controls: Run by using your mouse.