Amongus.io GamePlay:

Another game with Among Us theme just arrives at Friv Land. It’s called Amongus.io. Look at the name and you may think it has the same gameplay as the famous one but it’s not. It’s about survival where your role is a leader. Your job is to summon a new member to grow your party as large as possible. So how to summon a new member? You run around the map and eat as much food as you can.

Of course, the game isn’t fun if there is only you. You will compete against other leaders who strive for the same goal. Each match lasts 2 minutes. When the match starts, your team is weak. Then as a great leader, you should focus on eating to grow your team and stay away from other teams, especially the ones who are larger than your team because those teams can swallow your team and turn both of you and your members into their members.

On https://friv.land/, besides food, you also see some items on the map such as boots, shields, and more. Boots will speed you up and shields will protect you from other teams. So collect these special items right after you see them. They only work for a short time but are enough to give you certain advantages. When your team is strong enough, you can attack the weaker teams. Attacking the weaker teams help you grow your team faster than collecting snacks.

After 2 minutes, the team has the most members is the winner. Base on your rank after each match, you get coins as a reward. Coins are used to upgrade some stats. Have fun and let’s take a look at other awesome games such as Alien Invaders.io and Nitro Knights

Controls: Mouse to run.