Fallingman.io - Winter Seasons GamePlay:

Fallingman.io - Winter Seasons is a fun multiplayer online game that gives you the same vibe as Fall Guys. It likes a short, online version of that famous game and it challenges your skills in 3 tracks. At Friv 2021, you have to keep your mind sharp, open your eyes wisely, and take action preciously to be on top of the best racers in each race. You don't directly beat other players by weapons or hands.

You win over them by using your wit. On the first track, you have to run your way through different obstacles to the finish line. You have to be in the top 20 to move to the next round. Avoid crashing into these obstacles. If you hit the obstacles many times, you may be eliminated. It's better to protect yourself from those annoying obstacles. The second track tests your luck. It's quite overwhelming at first, but you soon know that you shouldn't follow the picture on the screen.

On https://friv.land/, you are on the tiled map with other players. Each time, fruit is displayed on the screen and the map changes accordingly. You have to remember the last fruit shown up on the screen and the position of that fruit appears on any tiles of the map, then quickly run to that tile. If you choose the right tile, you're safe, and welcome you to the last track. Otherwise, you fall. The last track is the most challenging where your main objective is to become the last man standing. You have to quickly move around to avoid falling. There are some layers of the map.

When you fall off the first later, you land on the second layer. If you keep falling, you lose. That’s all about this game. Hope you enjoy it and have fun in other options such as Amongus.io and Alien Invaders.io.

How to play: Arrow keys to move.