Road Of Rampage GamePlay:

Have you ever thought of what it should be if the doomsday comes? Food, water, resources are extremely scarce. It is a harsh life that makes people attack each other to survive. Have a look at Road Of Rampage - a cool driving and shooting game now and you will have a chance to experience what you are curious about. At play friv Games, you are alone fighting against hordes of enemies to protect your own life.

No one helps you. Your trustful compasion is your weapons and vehicle. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, you have no choice but kill or be killed. You face tons of enemies in the ground and in the air. With a car equipped with a turret, you shoot down aircraft, vehicles of enemies and more. They non-top attack you, so to keep your life safe, you must kill them first.

On http://friv.land/, you can use some power-ups to kill enemies easier and have more protection. These items are a shield to reduce incoming damages, air strike to summon air strike to demolish enemies and repair balloon to repair your vehicle. You can tap or click to aim and shoot to destroy every enemy in front of you. Your life ends soon if you don’t be careful and have a wise strategy.

In this game, you are a lone wolf while your enemies are crowded and powerful. They use the power of the force, so you must use the power of your wit to deal with them. Good luck! If you want to challenge yourself with other action games, Martian Driving and M-acceleration are what you are looking for.

Instructions: Use your mouse to aim and shoot down enemies.

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