Cross That Road GamePlay:

Do you dare to cross the road alone? Or do you need someone to come with you when crossing the road? It’s time to practice and show your best. Cross That Road tests you in an endless road crossing challenge. Here at friv games, your ultimate objective is to cross as many roads as possible. Can you do it? Surprisingly, cross the road is not only a mission, you also have to cross the river.

This doubles the challenging level of the game. When crossing the road, you have to keep your eyes on the traffic to avoid other vehicles coming from all directions. When crossing the river, you have to take advantage of the chunks of wood. They play as the buoy to help you come to other sides of the rive safely. The most important key to surviving longer here is that you have to take action at the right time.

Yes, timing decides the result you get. On http://friv.land/, even you take a step sooner or later one second, you can be crashed by other cars or fell into the river. It means you have to start your adventure from the beginning instead of continuing from the point you fail. 6 different animals await for you to help them cross the road and river. The further you go, the more challenging the task. Make sure you are always ready to deal with whatever will come. Be safe and have fun. After this adventure, you can enjoy new ones in other games such as Happy Hockey! or Adam and Eve GO.

Instructions: Cross the road by using your arrow keys.

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